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Catherine Walcott-Babalola

Principal of Bates Memorial High School

As an avid believer in SDA Christian education, Mrs. Walcott-Babalola has been arduously involved in this distinct method of pedagogy for many years. She has and continues to serve the educational system of the SDA Church with great distinction, and is committed to the growth and development of both the students and staff of The Bates Memorial High School.

Meet Our Staff

Tanikamarla Haynes-Sadlow

Vernell Johnson

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Principles of Business

Principles of Accounts

Office Administration

Marlene Hunte


Social Studies

Vernell Johnson


Human & Social Biology

Integrated Science

Marian Lopez


Information Technology

Office Administration

 Ramrick Ramoutar

Physical Education


Kim Thom-Lewis


Social Studies

Darron Hernandez



Nyasha Hamlet-Wattley



Malika Quaccoo

Malika Quaccoo

Language Arts

English B

Karma Rattan


English A

Deokie Rattan


Reading Development

Resha St. Hill

Food & Nutrition

Home Economics

Our Mission

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Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Bates Memorial High School is based on the premise that God is the supreme ruler of the universe, and as such He should be made the foundation all life's operation. We believe that man was made in the image of God therefore, he is unique. He is capable of developing to his fullest potential spiritually, physically and mentally. Christian education provides the students of Bates with a true knowledge of God, fellowship with Him in study and service, and with the opportunity to be restored in the image of the creator.

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A Seventh-Day Adventist institution, exists for the purpose of providing quality education that will help students realize their fullest potential - Spiritually, Socially, Mentally and Physically and has as its ultimate goal the preparation of students for effective service in their community and to God, and the reward of citizenship in the earth made new.

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